Mathematics Education Project

The Mathematics Education Project at the University of Washington features cutting-edge learning opportunities for educators who want to improve their K-12 mathematics instruction. We offer customized programs both for schools and school districts as well as individual summer courses for educators. Our programs help administrators craft a vision for instructional improvement and develop strategies for engaging teachers in an ongoing discussion about educating and learning.

Access Customized Programs

We work with individual schools and school districts to develop customized programs designed around your goals and objectives. Our expert staff will thoroughly assess your needs, develop an effective action plan and then come to your site to deliver the courses on your schedule. Programs can be tailored to fit within a set budget and timeframe to achieve your desired outcomes.

We also offer separate summer programs on mathematics and mathematics instruction for teachers and other educators. These offerings enable teachers to improve their instruction skills and techniques to support student learning.

Meet State Standards

Our programs help administrators, teachers, coaches and teacher leaders shape their approach to mathematics curricula and instruction. These professional learning opportunities allow teachers to increase their understanding and knowledge of mathematics content and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).

Learn From Expert Faculty

All Mathematics Education Project programs are taught by top faculty and instructors from the UW College of Education. Our faculty have years of experience teaching K-12 students and working with teachers and administrators, and they ensure that all curricula feature the latest knowledge and techniques in the field.

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